Special Features

Pleasant Environment 

Spacious, well-lit Colourful and well-ventilated premises

Cognitive Skills

Age-Appropriate, Safe and Activity based Toys to enhance ‘Hand-Eye Co-ordination’ and Cognitive Skills

Theme-Based learning activities

like ‘My Little Chef’, ‘Vegetable Shopping’ & ‘Young Gardeners’

Nurturing Reading Habit

Students have access to a Huge collection of Age-appropriate exciting Books in the School Library

Cultivating Expression and Creativity

through Art, Music and Dance activities 

Language Skills & Vocabulary

Building-up through ‘Story Telling’, ‘Show & Tell’, ‘Puppet shows’ and ‘Rhyme sessions’

On-Stage Confidence

Emphasis on building-up ‘Stage Confidence’ through periodical Special Activities and Celebrations

Physical Development

through Yoga, Aerobic and Sports Activities